Episode 4 – To buy or not to buy – Pops in a pod

It’s never easy to decide on how to plan your finances, especially when it comes to your own child.

Being first time parents most definitely adds pressure to your already fast-paced, time-hungry life. But to top it off when you have to mutually come to an agreement on setting aside monies for purchasing baby products can add fuel to fire.

This week on Pops in a pod Nadir and Peter delve deep into:

  1. Whether or not buying baby stuff for a brand new baby makes sense or not?
  2. How they didn’t want to buy because they wanted the baby to come out (gender, health, etc).
  3. What DID they actually buy?
  4. Their experiences and how they managed to get baby things without much expense.
  5. The wonderful boon of gifts
  6. The grandparents and how they lost their marbles

To get an understanding on average spending on kids by Indian families, have a read at the article below:


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Thank you fellow Moms and Pops!

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