Pops In A Pod – A podcast on fatherhood

Hello to all who have been following me and my blog thenewagedad. A big thank you to all of you for the continued support. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that my friend Peter Kotikalapudi and I, Nadir Kanthawala have finally launched a dad podcast by the name of POPS IN A POD (PIAP)
We have been working on this property for well over a year and it has finally seen the light of day on 12th Jan 2020. It’s been quite a proud moment for us that we finally launched after much struggling and balancing work & home.
From here on all blogs will be related to content of Pops in a Pod podcast

All parenting content available online and/or offline is predominantly from a mother’s perspective, in India at least. And the information is replete with advisory-based content – tips, how-to-parent, style, listicles, etc. Very few platforms offer only experiences or story based content and that’s where POPS IN A POD comes in.

PIAP is parenting podcast from a father’s perspective. This is not a glorified baby-sitting dad podcast, this goes beyond sharing the load, where he doesn’t just play the role of a weekend parent, but is involved in day-to-day parenting. Right from changing diapers to constructive playtime.

PIAP is hosted by first time dads Nadir and Peter, based out of Mumbai, India. They bring in their colourful, yet thought- provoking experiences on what it’s like to be a working parent and share equal responsibilities.

You can listen to our Intro episode EP 0 – How It All Began on the following platforms:
PocketCasts – https://pca.st/ro2fn361
It will hit other major platforms like Google and Apple in a few days time. So please do take a look.
You can also follow us on Instagram @popsinapod https://www.instagram.com/popsinapod/
Or email us on popsinapod@gmail.com
Would love to know what you’ll think about this new initiative. Drop a comment or just mail us or follow us on instagram.
New episode every week.
Have fun

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